Complete lighting for Renault/Dacia showroom in Sofia!

Z-Light team completely designed the lighting and supplied the lighting fixtures for the new Renault/Dacia showroom of Omnikar Auto OOD in Sofia.

In this project, we had to comply with the international requirements for illumination levels of the car manufacturer Renault, as well as manage to fit the lighting solutions in the best way into their concept. In the next step, Z-Light team also offered lighting fixtures for outdoor area lighting.

During the whole process, our team worked closely with the project manager and the investor, and we were in constant communication with the company that was responsible for the electrical construction and the execution of the lighting installations.

The main lighting in the showroom, as well as in the adjacent offices, was carried out with LED panels embedded in the raster ceiling of the series ANNA downlights for embedding Chalice from Thorn Lighting (part of the Zumtobel Group) with a low glare factor (UGR<19).

According to the requirements of the investor, in certain areas of the sales hall we also delivered additional accent lighting, realized with spotlights ONIC from Zumtobel, mounted on busbars and adjustable flush mounts Intro with high color rendering index CRI: Ra>90 at Zumtobel. All lighting fixtures have a 5-year warranty.

For the outdoor area lighting, we used series street lights CiviTEQ from Thorn Lighting, having achieved the required levels of illumination and the necessary uniformity in the area of the main entrance of the showroom with 16 pieces CQ 36L50-740 RC BPS CL2 M60 GY-S and 43 pieces CQ 36L50-740 NR BPS CL1 M60 GY-S, located in the parking lot around the showroom.

The lighting fixtures in the series CiviTEQ from Thorn Lighting are distinguished by high efficiency 154 lm/W, long service life L90 100,000 h, with the possibility of automatically reducing the light intensity by 50% during the inactive part of the day and 5 years warranty.

Complex solution, good teamwork with the project manager and the installers, satisfied technical and financial requirements of the investor and another successfully implemented project for Z-Light team!